You Can Do Image Optimization in Your WordPress

Even though it’s actually rarely noticed, this method can improve your seo. The simple way that you can do is to compress the image file to a minimum without having to reduce the quality you want. Not only that, you can also name images that have been adapted to words that search engines understand. Giving a name that has been adjusted will also make it easier for search engines to find out which images will be displayed later.

Native website security and wordpress

The use of wordpress used for websites is considered quite good in terms of security. You can use a plugin that can be used to do security and also security on wordpress. This is what you can later use to prevent wordpress from unwanted things.

Use of ssl and https
When a website already uses ssl or https, then the terms of a website that you manage are in a good category in a search engine. The use of these two things is quite good because it can make your website visitors more comfortable on your website. Of course, you also don’t want website visitors who view content on your website pages to be blocked by notifications from website browsers that don’t visit. So using ssl and https is highly recommended.

Native websites and wordpress

Can be used for small projects
Actually, cms like wordpress are widely used Bulk SMS Oman on medium to high end websites. In contrast to native websites which are usually used on smaller projects especially for those who don’t understand programming languages.

Many high quality images available
On a native website, tens of thousands of stock images will be provided, of course, with high quality assurance. You can use these images to complete your website content to make it more attractive. The images provided certainly have high graphic quality and are also clear. So you no longer need to incur additional costs that are used to purchase copyrights for images.

Native website site management

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This native website is very useful in simplifying difficult things, for example updating the site, troubleshooting, updating or deleting your old posts. You also don’t need to do that because there are already developers who will do it later. Not only that, you can also more easily duplicate, delete and transfer websites that are in it. However, the functionality is quite limited when compared to wordpress.

WordPress is actually a smart and fast solution that Database USA can help you create a website with a common creation process. However, if you pull it away from a programming perspective, there is no particular difference from a native website. Moreover, actually, wordpress is native php which has been developed into a cms. To create a native website, it usually ranges from 50 million to 2 billion. However, it could also be more if the scope has entered the startup level or even a marketplace on a global scale. Meanwhile, if you create a website built with wordpress, it can cost under rp. 12.5 million. However, on certain websites, some are below 1 million rupiah. Depends on the complexity of the requested website.

Some of the advantages above can be your comparison in making a website. Because everything also definitely has its advantages and disadvantages of each. So you can choose to use an application that you can use to create a website that is seo friendly. If you have questions about the internet or online marketing, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe to the idwebhost blog so you don’t miss other interesting info.

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