Comparison of Native Websites and WordPress

Actually, there are currently many platforms whose purpose is to create a website. However, wordpress is still one of the main choices used. However, there are also many native or custom uses, especially if their use is related to business. So that there will be many advantages to be gained from comparing native and wordpress websites, especially when viewed from an seo perspective. In fact, choosing the right platform is very important for seo or the business you are building.

Maybe for some people it still is

Quite familiar with this. As previously explained, both native and wordpress websites can be used in making websites. And in terms of seo or search techniques that are carried out both of them will greatly affect the search engines or search engines used like google. WordPress is a content management system Bulk SMS Kuwait or commonly known as cms which is open source. Or in other words, wordpress is a software that will make it very easy for you to create a website and also manage your content online.

Ease of use between native website and wordpress
One of the advantages of using wordpress is its ease of use. WordPress itself offers convenience for its use. For beginners or advanced users. This will also make it easier for you to set the best keywords or keywords, so you can get top rankings on search engines.

As with native websites, they are also easy to use. So that beginners will also be able to use the website for various purposes. You can add, edit, and also delete article content easily without having to understand programming languages.

Can use categories and tags in wordpress

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The best practice that you can use for seo purposes on wordpress is that you can use categories and tags on wordpress. It is also often used on internal links from a website that Database USA you have. In this way you can build interconnections on website pages internally so that they are structured and much better.

Optimization of wordpress comments
By using wordpress, you can optimize comments on every wordpress page. That way, you can also provide answers to every question in your website content articles.

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