Isn’t a TV ad more impactful than an Instagram post

The biggest difference between television advertisements with people we don’t know and the of influencers. Is that the digital influencer is close to his audience in a way never seen before. We can see influencers’ routine every day, we know what they like and don’t like. What they do almost all the time and what their opinion is on different subjects. This bond between the content producer and his followers builds trust. You start to trust that person’s indications even knowing that he is being paid. To promote a certain product or service. Proximity is definitely the influencer’s biggest differential , after all, you can’t send a box of questions. Asking for advice or clarifying doubts to the person who appeared in the advertisement that you have no idea who it is . We still see advertisements on television with renowned artists, but as today we have a world far beyond television.

There are countless paths that

Are possible to follow, nowadays we have influencers on the internet who deal with all kinds of subjects. Some talk about their professions , as Bulk SMS France is the case of doctor and athlete Paulo he gives health tips and teaches. His 6 million followers how to train and lose weight in a healthy way. Others talk about their hobbies, as is the case of Jaqueline. Who became famous for telling true crime stories on her YouTube channel. Knowing how to dress in style is another niche that has been growing a lot. An example of this is a law student who started using during the pandemic as a form of distraction by making fashion content and today has 1.5 million followers on the platform. After graduating, she decided not to work in the area and just follow a career as a digital influencer. And there are still many other niches , such as social cause influencers, online games, comedy, book, recipes, love advice and much more.


Do you want to know more about Influencer Marketing?

Although the profession of digital influencer emerged with social networks influencer marketing started much earlier. In the 19th century, American Database USA brands began to hire celebrities to publicize their products. Comedian Fatty Arbuckle was one of the first poster boys in history, The recommendations conflict in question occurred when Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister, requested that Twitter block accounts of farmers contrary to some measures implemented by the government. At first, Twitter complied with the request, but later turned back and claimed that the justifications given by the government were insufficient. representing Murad Cigarettes in 1905.This model of brand promotion has been growing and has been changing over time, currently the most common influencer marketing actions are sponsored publiposts and stories .arissa Iláides, CMO of Ninho Digital, spoke all about it in the Sales PodCast Trader. Access the link and stay even more informed on the subject.

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