How to Enable Dark Mode on Google

This article will discuss how to activate dark mode on google. For years, the android community has been calling for dark modes within apps and across the system. Meanwhile google continues to display sema

Now lots of white themes basically everywhere. Slowly but surely, we’ve been seeing more and more google dark mode apps across many apps and services. Here’s every google dark mode app available today including android, youtube, calendar, chrome, and more.

Before we get into the apps that support dark mode

Many come down to personal preference, as many users prefer the dark appearance of the interface. At certain hours too, the mostly dark theme also helps with eye strain. The big plus on android is that as google has explicitly confirmed, it can save battery time.

The reasons for apps adopting a dark theme start there and we’re glad to see google’s dark mode has finally arrived on apps. This list contains every google app that currently has a dark mode and the list will continue to update as new ones are added as well.
In may 2020, that finally changed as google has Bulk SMS Spain officially announced the rollout of dark mode for its apps on android and ios. The rollout starts may 19th and is said to arrive for all users within a week.

For android 10+ and ios 13+ users, the google app follows the system theme for dark or light mode. However, for older os versions, there is still a way to trigger changes. Just go to “more” tab > settings > general > themes. From there, you will be able to switch between dark and light.

Youtube tv dark mode on google
Youtube tv fits right in with the video-sharing platform from which it got its name by adding a dark mode in april 2020. Android users on the latest update from the play store can tap on profile picture and then tap settings > dark theme to liven up the theme. For those using android 10 and above, the settings should follow the system toggle as well.

Google play store dark mode

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One of the last major apps that doesn’t have an official dark mode after the android 10 update is the google play store. On october 2nd, a server-side update started rolling out to bring a dark theme app to all users. As usual, the dark mode for the play store uses a dark gray color instead of solid black, and it respects the android 10 system toggle. Notably, there is no manual button for the play store dark mode.

Google voice dark mode
Google voice takes its dark mode the same as october Database USA starting with the 2019 version. It also started rolling out through the play store just a few days later. By default, dark mode in google voice follows the android 10 system theme, but the same functionality hasn’t rolled out to ios or the web app yet.

On the android app, you can access dark mode by heading to settings > themes.

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