What kind of content helps the persona get where they want to go

It is also possible to search the social networks and digital portals of the same segment, which gives engagement and visibility. From all these answers, you can list the ideas. That come up and turn them into guidelines, based. On the needs, pains and challenges of the persona. The choice of editorial is very important because the algorithms of social networks. Need patterns to better identify what the profile is about and thus distribute them to those who are intended.  Learn how to use them to your advantage on social media Example. Thinking again about the brand of nail polish mentioned above, relevant themes to compose. The editorial line of the product in question are: Product review quick tutorials Guidance on how to use certain products. Long tutorials Indication of job vacancies for manicurists Tips on technical courses for manicures Sharing content from partners, idols.

Fans Quick how to tips Realize

that from these editorial lines it is possible to elaborate different contents of niches and even dissemination partnerships. Screen with analysis Bulk SMS UAE of social network planning results. The result of the strategy must be evaluated with data. (Photo: Pixabay). Storytelling The practice of storytelling , which is nothing more than storytelling using. Screenwriters’ and writers’ techniques to make the message impactful – is often used in the elaboration of editorial lines. It is a very important tool because people connect with captivating messages  which they identify with and stir their emotions. When well used on social networks  the resource is capable of enchanting. And engaging the audience because it highlights the profile and humanizes it among so many other competitors. Posting times and posting frequency. The next step is to plan the frequency of publications . It ensures that users don’t have the bad.


Experience of viewing a particular

Profile repeatedly, multiple times a day. For you to stipulate the ideal frequency for your brand, you need to understand your persona’s habits Database USA that is, if they usually interact. On the given social network every day or every other day and at what times. Therefore, you must: Determine the days and times that the persona is most active on the social network Confirm the amount of content that those responsible can produce weekly Distribute the editorial lines according to what you deem most interesting for the persona It is important to emphasize that it is not necessary to post every day , unless there is enough content without being repetitive. In addition, as the social media algorithm increasingly values ​​interaction, if the profile has little engagement , the ideal is to reduce the number of posts and concentrate efforts to produce more relevant content.

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