Would you write with abbreviations emojis

If you wrote with emojis, which ones would you use. Would you use more uppercase, lowercase, or a mixture of them. It is also necessary to establish whether the brand will speak in the first or third person. With the persona already specified, it is easier to answer these questions. This is because, through it, the brand will be able to determine. The ideal language while also generating identification with users. Voice tone the tone of voice determines how the profile should express adjectives, complementing the language. To find it, imagine again that the brand profile (may or may not be the same as persona) is a person. In that context, it would be: Extroverted or more serious. Extravagant Tender Objective and pragmatic Festive Once the tone of voice and language have been defined, it is important that the shared contents always follow the same profile in the production of social networks .

Otherwise building the brand’s image

Could be mischaracterized. Example Let’s imagine that a brand that resells imported nail polish to manicures. All over Brazil wants to structure Bulk SMS Israel its profiles on Instagram and Facebook . What tone of voice and language can she adopt. First she must identify her target audience, in this case. They are manicurists from Paraná. Her persona is Maria 37 years old. Symbol of Instagram, likes, profiles and conversations on social networks. The tone of voice and language are the ways in which the brand will express itself (Photo: Pixabay). Taking into account the persona’s profile information and its respective details. The tone of voice can be extremely close, intimate, friendly, using slang and jargon from the world of beauty. On the other hand, you shouldn’t exaggerate and make the brand too “playful” so that it doesn’t lose seriousness. The ideal is to permeate between the serious.


And the cool The language

Will be in lowercase, without a lot of slang and abbreviations with the use of many emojis. A shared post could be: “Those who know how to nail Database USA  polish aren’t afraid of colors, much less new things, right. Come here and I’ll show you a brand new trend Editorial lines in the network plan The editorial lines of content will guide you to choose the themes that will be elaborated and distributed, if they will change from one social network to another and what kind of themes can be explored in the segment where the brand operates. To create the editorial lines of your brand, you must answer the following questions: What does the profile need to be an authority on.

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