Frequency schedule of digital planning

Posts in the calendar of an agenda. The frequency of posts is part of social media planning. (Photo: Pixabay) However, after defining the frequency, it is essential to follow the plan and analyze the results. It is recommended that the frequency be maintained for a minimum period of at least 30 days. So that the algorithms have time to start distributing content more correctly. Example See how the planning would look in the case of the fictional nail polish brand. Mondays 7:30 am storytelling. Tuesdays 7pm, product review. Wednesdays  6pm, Partner Content Sharing. Thursdays 10 am, quick tutorials. Fridays 10 pm, quick tips “how to” overposting Another care. That must be taken is to avoid the so-called overposting , that is, the excess of shared posts. This is because users tend to unfollow or interact with profiles that post too much , as they may feel uncomfortable or lose.

Interest because it becomes too common

Guidelines for social media planning This is the moment when you must establish guidelines – contents that can be worked on within an editorial line Bulk SMS Azerbaijan that will guide your content production . To define your brand’s main guidelines and which themes within them are most relevant, you should resort to persona research in order to understand what is most important to them. Example In the case of the brand that resells imported nail polishes for manicures from all over Brazil and whose persona is Maria, 37 years old, let’s imagine that the chosen editorial line was “quick tips on how to do it” and the frequency to work with it is in the Fridays at 22:00. Some of the possible guidelines are: How to do gel nails How to do french nails How to do false nails how to make fiber nail How to do almond.


Nails Google A process often

Used in digital marketing is to use search engines to find relevant guidelines and prove their priority. To do this, just think about the persona’s needs Database USA and start a Google search . The results will show people’s interests and the search prompt features are good story suggestions. Since the platform shows, in order of priority, the most sought after subjects. Example In the case of the nail polish brand, let’s use the persona need ‘How to do a French nail’ to start the search. The results provided will show people’s interests and pointers to other matters of relevance. Look: Google screen with open search tab. Open Google search banner. (Image by the author) editorial schedule Finally, the last step in social media planning is to put together an editorial schedule, also called an editorial calendar. In it you will structure what and when it will be published .

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