Youtube releases list of most watched videos in Brazil in 2022

Youtube releases list of most watched videos in Brazil in 2022. Caroline By Caroline Berticelli Youtube released. The list of the most watched videos in Brazil during the year 2022 this Thursday (1st). The ranking takes into account the publications made this year and the accesses. That occurred between January 1st and October 30th. It is also important to note that famous shorts, children’s content, trailers, music videos and videocasts/podcasts are disregarded. That said, in first place. As the most watched video is the transmission of the presidential debate on TV Bandeirantes . On Canal Band Jornalismo. The publication that preceded the first round of the Brazilian elections was aired live on August 28 and lasted almost four hours, exactly three hours and 50 minutes. It has amassed over 14.7 million views and approximately 594k likes. The second and third places were.

Rrespectively, with: The Palmeiras

Corinthians game, on the official Paulistão channel, with around 13 million views. The video ‘I Put 100 Million Orbeez in My Friend’s Backyard’, by Bulk SMS Singapore youtuber Mr Beast According to Youtube , live broadcasts were very prominent throughout this year. In addition to the debate that was the most watched, CNN’s coverage of the second round of the elections and the LBFF 7 final, of the Free Fire game, also appear among the 10 most viewed videos .See the Top 10 of the most watched YouTube videos in Brazil: Na Band Debate : Presidential 2022, Canal Band Jornalismo  Palmeiras X Corinthians Game , Round 6, Paulistão 2022, Canal Paulistão I put 100 Million Orbeez in My Friend’s Backyard , MrBeast Brasil Channel Try Not To Laugh, Channel Compiled From Tik Toks 100 Days Building A Modern Underground Hut With A Grass Roof And A Swimming Pool , Mr.Heang Update Channel
Mason’s Glove: The Best Ever! , Paródia Dancin, Aaron Smith, Canal Fut Paródias CNN Elections 2022.


CNN Brasil Channel Vini Jr.

Scores another great goal as Real knocks Barcelona out of the Spanish Super Cup, Melhores Momentos, Canal ESPN Brasil LBFF 7 – Final , Free Fire Database USA Canal Free Fire Esports Brasil #LBFF Korea Do Sul 1 X 5 Brazil , Best Moments, Friendly match of the Brazilian National Team, Canal – ge Read also: Digital influencer, how does this new profession work?
In addition to disclosing the most watched long videos, Youtube also published the lists of music videos and the most viewed Shorts on the platform in 2022 . Check out: Most watched music videos on Yotutube:
Zé Felipe, Malvada (Official Music Video) , Zé Felipe Channel Gusttavo Lima, Termina comigo Antes (Live in Porto Alegre) , Gusttavo Lima Official Channel Simone & Simaria, Zé Felipe, Will to Morder , Canal Simone and Simaria Ana Castela, Pipoco ft L and \, Canal Ana Castela Matheus Fernandes and Xand Avião, Balanço da Rede (Official Clip) , Matheus Fernandes Channel Luísa Sonza, Davi Kneip, Mc Frog, Dj Gabriel do Borel, sitDONA (remix) s2 (Official Clip).

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