What is OKR and why the method can be the differential in your planning

What is OKR and why the method can be the differential in your planning Caroline. By Caroline Berticelli Defining a general objective for actions on social networks is crucial to achieving good results. Since without a guide, it is difficult to know what to do and also how to measure your efforts. In this sense, the OKR method (Acronym for Objectives and Key Results or in literal translation ‘ Objectives and Key Results’ ). Is an important ally of the digital marketing professional. Understand that commonly among the general objectives in the planning of social platforms are. Generate brand recognition Make the social network an authority on a given subject Sell ​​more products in the online store Generate sales opportunities Increase the lead base (contacts interested in buying) Educate the public about the industry Promote debate on a particular issue Be a showcase for products and services However, these definitions.

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Not sufficient for monitoring results and growth. This is where the OKR methodology comes in , which is not content with just general Bulk SMS Colombia objectives. Also read: How to set up a perfect social media plan for your brand OKR Goals and objectives The OKR or Objectives and Key Results model requires that for every objective created, a goal needs to be established. Additionally, for a goal to be considered , it must: be numeral Quantitative and quantifiable possible and challenging have deadline Therefore, while an objective is a clear description of what you want to achieve , a goal is defined in numerical terms and with a specific deadline . It is the key result of the acronym. That is, the objective is qualitative, while the goal – which can be more than one for each objective – is quantitative. Read also: Learn to analyze results on Instagram and Facebook without.


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think of the following example: Purpose: Increase Instagram profile visibility Goal: Increase total reach by 190% in 3 months See other examples of goals or key results: Grow follower base by 20% in 30 days Generate 10 leads in a month Increase total reach by 100% in 20 days Goals manage to direct the work and prevent the strategy from happening “in the dark”. In addition, they make it possible to control profiles with an awareness of where you want to go.

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