Twitter: Elon Musk considers charging users with a paywall

After buying Twitter and implementing some cost-cutting measures, Elon Musk is studying the possibility of charging a small subscription. To users who stay longer on the social network. If the proposal is approved, the resource will act as a kind of paywall . The idea is that, every month, all users have access to Twitter for a few minutes or hours for free. However, those who want to continue browsing the platform will need to pay a fixed amount that has yet to be defined. However, according the American site Platformer. Twitter’s paywall should take time to be implemented, since most employees are dedicated. To the development of the ‘new’ Twitter Blue .Platformer also explained that the plan to deploy subscriptions on the social network. Was motivated by a possible loss of money that changes in Twitter Blue – the network’s. Current subscription plan that gives access to exclusive tools – could cause.

The overhaul of the service

Was announced by Musk himself . According to him, members who pay for Twitter. Blue will automatically have a verification stamp and Bulk SMS Argentina will see. Only half of the ads on the site. The subscription should cost around R$25.90 in Brazil, but it is not yet available for use. Only users from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand already have access to the feature. Read also: Digital presence on social networks understand. How to plan the strategy Since making the official purchase of Twitter for $44 billion at the end of October, Elon Musk has caused controversy by putting plans into practice that, as he declared, aim to make the platform more profitable. Currently, almost all of the network’s revenue comes from advertising. He even fired about 50% of the company’s employees overnight, that is, without prior notice, as a way to reduce expenses. However, the measure proved.


To be somewhat exacerbated

And shortly thereafter, some managers were instructed to contact employees offering their jobs back. Also read: Overposting on social networks Database USA understand the concept and learn how to avoid itAnother change that generated revolt was the fact that all verified users will have to pay a monthly fee, thus being part of Twitter Blue . In protest, some artists changed their account names to ‘Elon Musk’ and ended up having their profiles deactivated. Still talking about Twitter Blue, the automatic verification announced by Musk raised concerns about the possibility of the social network being flooded with fake accounts. Since anyone willing to pay the monthly fee can try to impersonate a journalist, politician or a reliable source of information. Until then, the blue badge was only available to individuals or organizations that were verified as authentic. In addition, the billionaire’s numerous speeches about “freedom of expression” also generated.

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