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Meta is encouraging WhatsApp Business users to link their accounts with business profiles on Facebook and Instagram. An experimental version of the application features a banner that suggests. The action as a way to “attract new customers” through ads. The new banner appears when opening the conversation application , both for IOS and Android. “Bring in new consumers. Tap here to advertise your business on Facebook and Instagram,” the message reads. With the link, which connects three of the most used platforms in Brazil. It is possible to create ads that direct consumers from social networks directly to the WhatsApp chat screen . The process makes the first contact between the client and the brand much faster and simpler. Starting with the fact that it is not necessary to add the telephone number in the address book. To carry out the exchange of messages Elon Musk considers charging users with.

Another advantage of using

WhatsApp Business linked to social networks is that administrators can monitor the performance of their advertisements SMS Gateway Chile through. The messaging app. Banner displayed in WhatsApp Business Beta. It is worth noting that the ads in question will only appear on Facebook and Instagram. WhatsApp is not testing any form of advertising on its app. According to WABetaInfo , a site that closely monitors WhatsApp updates. For now, the banner is available in versions for Android and for iOS, but soon it should appear for more users. WhatsApp Business is the business version of WhatsApp. In addition to bringing the already known features of the Chat App, it offers other features such as. Possibility to create a business profile with information such as address, email and company website. Statistics and analysis on how many messages were delivered and how many were actually read; Creation of automatic messages.


Classifying messages and groups

By labels, making the business app more organized and easier to manage. Also read: Learn how to create a business. Instagram and use all its Database USA features. WhatsApp Premium is an improved and paid version of WhatsApp Business . The update began to be released in the WhatsApp Business Beta, test version, at the beginning of October this year and allows the creation of a link for the chat, in addition to allowing the account to be connected to up to ten different devices. Currently, it is possible to use an account on up to four devices and a mobile phone at the same time. According to WAB etaInfo , In this sense, considering that one of the main concerns with Twitter under new management is content moderation, which ensures respect for human the version is offered under the condition of paying a subscription, which can be done through the application itself.

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