Learn to analyze results on Instagram and Facebook without secrets

Learn to analyze results on Instagram and Facebook without secrets Caroline By Caroline Berticelli Analyzing results on Instagram and Facebook is part of social media planning . It is she who will show if the strategy is on the right track or if it needs to be adjusted. I take into account, of course, that you will not leave the two platforms, which are among the most used in Brazil, out of your action plan. Remember that building an audience engaged in digital media is what guarantees success and the achievement of the overall planning objective. Therefore, every effort must be closely monitored, from start to finish, that is, from structuring to the effects of implemented actions. However, to be able to balance the results.

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Of the social networks. Analysis of results on Instagram and Facebook Instagram Analytics ‘Instagram. Analytics ‘, a tool that analyzes results SMS Gateway Taiwan on Instagram , is very intuitive. And easy to follow via cell phone. Initially you can see the following items. Total number of interactions impressions in the period Age range of target audience. Audience on demographics Gender of engaged audience Main access times With this report. It is possible to validate the construction of the persona or even cross-reference data with it. Instagram Analytics on tablet screen and reports on sheets of paper Instagram. Analytics is the tool for analyzing results on Instagram. (Photo: PxHere) facebook insights. Just as Instagram has the analytics dashboard, Facebook also lets you track the results through its analytics platform, ‘ Facebook Insights ‘. Facebook metrics are valuable indicators for examining the performance of a page or post on the social network.


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You can follow: number of followers full range total engagement Views (for videos). The ‘ Facebook Insights ‘ dashboard is intuitive and each Database USA menu item gives access to a different graph. It is also possible to choose. Which metrics to analyze more frequently and extract insights that will guide the marketing strategy in digital media. Also read: How to boost the digital relationship on your brand’s social networks General results report In order to maintain a follow-up history and verify growth, it is recommended to use monitoring reports that can serve as a database in the analysis of results on Instagram and Facebook . These assessments should be done to measure results over time and on a monthly basis. Metrics often shift and fluctuate, so it’s important to be aware. If the marketing professional chooses to analyze one or another metric in more detail , do not forget that just.

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