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Learn how to choose the best post formats for Instagram + bonus Caroline By Caroline Berticelli Choosing the right post formats for your brand’s Instagram is just as important in the digital media strategy as the editorial part. The platform offers several free resources that form the set of possible publications on this network and it is imperative that you know which ones will best meet your needs. Therefore, with the planning for social networks ready and the visual identity established, it is time for the person responsible for publications to get to know the graphic design formats of Instagram . The goal is to make the most of all available options. Instagram post formats that are trending Understand that all post formats for Instagram are important to spread the visual identity and content of a brand, but two of them stand out for their visual resources. See what they are: 1.

Reels Reels is an Instagram

Feature for recording short videos . On the platform itself, there are free resources for editing, voiceover, subtitles, timer, remix and cuts SMS Gateway Brunei based on artificial intelligence. In addition to allowing the performance of content duets as an interactivity resource. You can also share reels in feed or stories. With the growth and use of the Explore tab, the network has intensified the free delivery of content in reels . Lives Lives are a great resource for conducting interviews, showing products, following events , among others. This post format for Instagram allows you to schedule live broadcasts and has a ‘Practice Mode’ so that before going live the creator can invite guests to test the internet connection, microphone, lighting and other factors. Fixed publications Despite the importance and growth of publications on reels and the use of lives, we must not forget to pay due attention to the publication.


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They are the ones that appear in the spotlight when the public accesses your brand or company page. Always remember to maintain the Database USA visual identity and make publications more attractive by using: Attractive photos and images Storytelling Carousel interactive hashtags infographics affairs of the moment customer testimonials Relevant news Exclusive promotions, etc. Stories Stories allow the page to publish a 24-hour publication in a specific bar . Among its available resources are: Boomerang, middle ground between photo and video Filters of all kinds Sticker that can make publications more fun Polls, to post questions to followers Questions followers can ask the brand gifs Mentions by user Music that can be added directly from Instagram Highlights Highlights The featured option is very functional as it allows you to pin posts to the main page of your profile. There you can create options with different contents such as brand.

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