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Visual identity: understand the importance of the right choice for social networks. Caroline By Caroline Berticelli Visual identity on social media. Is what will ensure that the public recognizes your brand among so many others. With the growing use of these platforms, which reach millions of people every day. It is impossible to ignore the importance of having a set. Of graphic elements that represent your business and differentiate it from competitors . Strategic planning for these digital media involves several factors, from the production of relevant content, which determines tone of voice, editorial line, etc., to aesthetics, which we discuss in this text. Remember that, more and more, social networks are focused on visual content that requires quality design , in addition to relevant content, to generate impact. Therefore, it takes a lot of strategy when setting up social media planning and choosing a visual identity. But what is visual.

To understand the concept

Think of your brand’s profile as if it were a person, while the tone of voice and language are the way it expresses itself on social media, the Bulk SMS Cyprus visual identity is the clothes it wears. This makes it easy to understand why the more striking and consistent with the business values. The more spontaneously it will be recognized and give visibility to its content. The visual identity covers different. Elements that build a graphic set and needs to be directly linked to the company’s personality and philosophy . That is, it goes far beyond just the name, slogan, logos, colors, fonts, packaging, although it also includes these components. Knowing how to translate all of this is research work that requires great care because it will represent the company, brand or service in the world. Open brand manual for choosing a visual identity. The brand manual will help.


In the visual identity

Photo: DAMS Library/ Understand that you must use the positive character and differential of the brand to build the visual identity. We Database USA can cite as main elements of the elaboration of a visual identity : logo Typography Color palette Promotional materials (flyers, posters and billboards, for example) Images of posts on social networks avatar Cover In this context, the use of the brandbook or brand manual will help professionals in choosing a visual identity consistent with the brand. Also read: How to boost the digital relationship on your brand’s social networks visual networks It is worth noting that social networks are increasingly focused on visual content , with videos in the feed, lives, short animated videos and the famous stories with thousands of filter options. Allied to texts, images can be easier to understand and able to inspire, awakening emotions in the public. However, without quality design.

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