The use of social networks in Brazil and the changes during the pandemic

The use of social networks in Brazil has grown dramatically in recent years. Every day 24 hours a day, millions of people use the platforms to communicate. Entertain themselves, get information and do business. These continuous interactions make it essential to understand the behavior of customers and potential. Consumers so that digital marketing can be applied with maximum efficiency. According to a survey by Report in Digital dated January 2020. Shortly before the start of the pandemic , the country had more than 140 million active profiles on the networks. That is, 66% of the Brazilian population. The expansion in the use of social networks is closely linked the increase in the number of Internet and smartphone users in recent years. Data from Ibope (Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics) indicate that in 2000, Brazil had 5 million people who actively used the Internet, that is, who accessed the network.

Use of social media in the pandemic

It is not news that Covid-19 has profoundly altered the customs of the world’s population. In Tupiniquim land it was no different, the use of social Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List networks in the pandemic skyrocketed in Brazil during 2020 and 2021. With the impossibility of leaving home to meet friends and family for nearly two years, many Brazilians saw social media as a way to keep in touch. For example, artists’ lives brought together audiences of millions, trends were launched, discussions and debates were held, parts of the population were mobilized. Thus life began to happen in a large portion online. Read also: Commercial Facebook: discover all the tools offered Even in the economy, the use of the Internet and social networks continues to advance. According to the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL) released in September 2021, 91% of connected consumers made a purchase in online.


Use of social networks in Brazil in 2021

A survey released by the Coupon Válido platform, which intersected data from Hootsuite and WeAreSocial, showed that in 2021 Brazil Database USA was already the third country in the world that most used social networks . It was second only to the Philippines and Colombia. The study showed an increase in the use of social networks in Brazil . According to the survey, Brazilians stay connected on social media for an average of 3 hours and 42 hours a day. In addition, the age group that uses the networks the most is young people between 16 and 24 years old . The most accessed social networks in the country are: YouTube: with 96.4% WhatsApp: with 91.7%. Facebook with 89.8%. Instagram: with 86.3% . Tik Tok : with 47.9% .Telegram: with 29.4%. Among the motivations for using social networks 36.5% of Brazilians declared that they used them to keep up to date with news.

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