Digital Marketing the key to the success of your brand

The importance of digital marketing has grown along with the acceleration of Internet usage in recent years. It was in the 90s that the concept was born and today it is essential for brands to be able to talk and relate to their target audience on networks. To understand the term, first of all, it is necessary to keep in mind that marketing is a strategy to optimize the points of contact of a company’s product or service with its public. That is, it is everything that is meet the needs of consumers and that uses advertising campaigns, design strategies, etc., to from the perspective of convergence culture, it is when a group arrives at new knowledge and practices in a way optimize sales and also to win over the consumer. So what is digital marketing. Nothing more than a set of strategies that use digital media to reach consumers.

How Digital Marketing Works

With digital marketing, it is possible to personalize the communication made with the consumer and accompany him from the first New Zealand Phone Numbers List contact with a company to the after-sales service. For this, various tools and online platforms such as Google and social networks are used. First of all, you need to put together an action plan and strategies . They should range from the optimization of the brands’ websites (technological and content part with the application of SEO ), e-commerce’s and call centers and extend to social networks. Those who work with digital marketing usually always have three objectives in mind, in the following order: Traffic, which is the attraction of visitors to the brand page both on social networks and on the website itself. Engagement, which is the user’s attitude towards the product or service, such as liking or sharing something. Conversion, which is when the visitor informs.


Digital marketing and sales on social networks

Social networks are considered the perfect platforms for digital marketing as they are the only media channels capable of listening to the public Database USA as it is. That is, to promote interaction, long and lasting relationships between the public and the brand. Brazil, according to a survey by the Coupon platform, which intersected data from Hootsuite and Social, was already the third country in the world that most used social media in 2021 . On the other hand, figures from the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL), released in September 2021, reveal that 91% of connected consumers made a purchase in online stores between 2020 and 2021.Studies show the importance of social platforms within the digital marketing strategy , as well as their direct connection with the consumption both information and goods and services. It is also essential to highlight that most consumers prefer brands that connect.

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