How the Internet appeared in Brazil, in the world and who invented it

How the Internet came to be is a question that many people still ask themselves Similarly. Even though it is present in our daily lives and has already revolutionized our way of living. The truth is that the invention of the Internet was a long process Similarly. That began during the Cold War , in the United States of America (USA), in the 60s Similarly. But so that everyone can understand how it all happened, we have prepared a special summary. About the origin and evolution of the Internet Similarly. First it is important to know that scientists and researchers residing in the USA invented the Internet Similarly. The objective was to create a connection network between the Department of Defense computers and the scientific communities Similarly. That collaborated with the sector, with the aim of decentralizing valuable information and preventing it from being lost in the beginning.

Summary of how the Internet

In the history of the Internet , credit for first defining the initial concept of the network goes to Leonard Kleinrock Similarly. In 1961, he wrote an South Korea Phone Numbers List article entitled Similarly. “Information Flow in Large Communication Networks” and talked about the possibility of an interconnected computer network . Four years later in 1965 two computers at the Massachusetts. Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Lab communicated using packet switching technology Similarly. In 1969 the US Department of Defense. Advanced Research Projects Agency Network ( ARPANET ), which used a network Similarly. Structure that passed underground to make it more difficult to destroy was started. Already in October of the same year the computers of the UCLA Network. Measurement Center the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) the University of California-Santa. Barbara and the University of Utah were interconnected. By the network and the first operating system was created, called Unix, for the web.


How the internet appeared in Brazil and its evolution

In Brazil, Internet connection began in 1988 with a partnership between the National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC) Similarly. And the academic Database USA communities of the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) Similarly. And the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro ( UFRJ). The Internet in Brazil was only released for commercial purposes in 1995. (Photo: Pixabay) In 1989, the Ministry of Science and Technology created the National Research Network (RNP) to coordinate the distribution of the Internet on Brazilian soil Similarly. Initially, the network was restricted to the use of educational and research. Institutions in the country and only in December 1994, based on a pilot project by Embratel, access via dial-up lines was allowed. Finally, in 1995 the network was opened to the entire population through private commercial exploitation. sent the world’s first email and in 1972  In 1973, the University College of London Royal Similarly.

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