After all, what is the difference between Growth Marketing and Digital Marketing

After all, what is the difference between Growth Marketing and Digital Marketing. You already know that social media have developed a lot of importance in recent years, so that advertising in the digital environment has gained more strength than other more traditional forms of dissemination such as billboards , pamphlets, radio spots, TV breaks and more. and even? Businesses without a digital presence find it difficult to grow and consequently have losses in commercial results and branding (brand recognition). To get an idea, according to data released by Premium Ads, from January to September 2021, digital media received more than BRL 3.6 billion from the advertising market, receiving the highest investments from advertisers . This was the great turning point of digital media! That is: Digital Marketing grows at a fast pace. In this universe of Digital Marketing , we find the several terms and differences that can sometimes confuse even professionals who already work in this field. And one of them is Growth Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing can be defined as a set of digital strategies for a business to achieve a certain objective , which can be: Attract more people to Spain Phone Numbers List the company Generate more leads; Strengthen or reposition the brand on the internet; Gain more followers on social media; Have more access on the website; Become a reference in the segment; Acquire more audience with paid traffic; These are some of the many possibilities that take a brand to the top. A good investment in Digital Marketing brings very expressive results . If we think about Digital Marketing as a whole, we will see that the focus is always on the top of the Sales Funnel , that is: in Acquisition/Attraction In Qualification After the Qualification stage (accesses, leads, network reach, in short, what the objective is about), selling and retaining are no longer part of the traditional.


What is Growth Marketing

Growth Marketing is a deeper path to a company’s growth , so it uses more aggressive methodologies. Its main objective is accelerated growth Database USA in terms of customer acquisition and retention. Growth Marketing covers the entire Sales Funnel and can even use. Other allied marketing strategies, such as television, radio and other fronts. While in Digital Marketing the concern is with the first phase of the funnel, Growth. Marketing acts by taking care of and developing all stages of the sales funnel. Read more about what is a Sales Funnel It is also important to understand. That Growth Marketing derives from Growth Hacking, a mindset that consists of analyzing. What can be improved within all the company’s processes, “hacking” points such as logistics, customer. Journey, price and product, supply and demand, indicators market and more. Growth Marketing goals term and require constant monitoring of the results and metrics.

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