Instagram discontinues IGTV and creates new video feature

Instagram discontinues IGTV and creates new video feature. Instagram announced the end of IGTV, and a new video system on the platform: Instagram TV . The tool’s exclusive app will become part of the common feed publications. Which now have an extended duration limit of up to 60 minutes. A time that was previously reserved for IGTV videos. Launched in June 2018, IGTV was intended to become the mobile equivalent of YouTube , creating a space for discovering and watching longer videos. But, the format was not very successful and the function lost even more strength after the launch of TikTok . Reels in highlight. After that period came TikTok, which further undermined IGTV’s popularity. The growing trend of short video consumption served to further sink Instagram’s long post format, which itself turned its efforts to crafting a direct competitor to the emerging model, Reels. Redundancy also did not favor the overshadowed IGTV. As the head of Instagram sector Adam Mosseri.

Reels in highlight

Mentions, users have difficulty distinguishing between a common post, a Reels and an IGTV. Over time, the formats became so similar in purpose Sweden Phone Numbers List and interface that it was barely possible to tell what type of content it was. Hence, the format began to lose space for its brother Reels both in the app itself and in the integration with Facebook, and even advertisements began to appear in shorter formats. So there was no escape was set in stone. And it was only a matter of time before a significant change took place. The change in the application has started to be released, it will soon appear on your cell phone. No functionality is expected to be added to the program, so there’s no reason to look forward to the update. It also involves a lot of testing to understand.


According to the CMO of Ninho Digital

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