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Seek to take personal and then organizational steps. The truth is that implementing these measures can put us at the forefront in public or private management and face the answer on how to generate shar value (porter, 2012) between us and grow sustainably as people, organizations and even more so, as a country. And you, would you dare to manage your happiness?it is definitive that the use of virtual platforms is part of the new learning environment focus on ict . Moodle (which is the one we have studi), but we could also talk about blackboard, canvas, chamilo and a long etcetera that is being add to the list. Given this, different proposals have appear to generate friendly learning environments , first, and then enrich them with the intentional, focus and effective use of ict. But it is necessary to also intervene in the

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Didactics to be us in the classroom, so that we relate ict and the learning environment in a comprehensive way. Several studies have already been carri out in this regard, proposing different models that seek that consistent brotherhood between didactics and the use of ict in ucational processes : mítica, tpack (mishra & koehler), tim (arizona) and acot are good examples, but we have b2b leads opt for sarm , “which makes it easier for teachers to clearly visualize how to transform traditional learning environments with the use of ict.” (lópez garcía, juan). Dr. Rubén puentura is the one who has develop this model call samr,

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Marking four “progressive” levels of ict in a learning environment: s=substitute, a=increase, m=modify, r=refine . Below we will explain the components of the samr model by applying it to the moodle platform to understand how learning activities can be improv with the intentional use of ict, but also how typical classroom CZ Lists activities can be transform using these ict. Replace ict acts as a direct substitute tool, without functional change . When using the moodle platform, teachers continue to present the same tasks that their students would perform in the classroom, but the mere fact that these are present via a virtual platform can represent a didactic stimulus for young “digital native” students .

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