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Although this first level has the teacher as the protagonist (he has prepar that task), we already see that the mere fact of relying on technology generates a point in his favor. Students on the moodle platform can watch a video or read digital texts as well as analyze some infographics and with these tools present the task in question. Were Manag Then Increase ict acts as a direct substitute tool, but with functional improvement . Nor at this level are we facing drastic changes in the ucational process (the didactics of the activities remains the same). However, more prominence is given to the student by thinking about activities that make him or her a more active entity than at the previous level . For example, on the moodle platform

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We can propose a debate where they can participate actively and “real” or complete ideas and concepts on a certain subject, after researching and preparing summaries. Modify ict allows learning activities to be significantly resign . Here the change is significant, the teacher is oblig to rethink his or her activities and “get out” of that comfort zone to carry out intentional, focus and effective planning of ict (they are no longer the same classroom business email list activities that were replicat in the virtual classroom). In the sessions propos on our moodle platform, the students creat videos where they explain a certain point of the course syllabus . For this they us all the technology we have today and investigat the different virtual libraries that are within the support of our university.

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Refine ict allows the creation of new learning activities, previously inconceivable . This level is at which the teacher openly questions his new role, about this new scenario that is now the virtual platforms and resigns the class sessions from there, generating those transversal skills that ict provides us. He thus understands that this level places the student as the true protagonist of his learning and that collaborative work that must be the axis of the didactic CZ Lists activities to be propos, using ict as the most effective communication platform. Were Manag Then The debt on the moodle platform can be this: proposing activities that can only be carri out with the help of ict and that aim to generate truly digital research teams. under the title of welcome to the 4.0 revolution (everything you ne to know to succe in the digital age), its author

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