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Greater openness to change and innovation, greater work engagement and healthier collaborators; at the same time, happiness contributes to rucing the rate of anti-productive behaviors, interpersonal conflicts, emotional exhaustion, absenteeism and turnover , among other results (lyubomirsky, s., king, l., 2005). In short, this brief analysis prompts some modest reflections, among them: discard that the approach to happiness is a fad . Happiness is a legitimate right of people, investigat for centuries by multiple disciplines and which has consequently proven to be a catalyst for multiple favorable effects for society. It is necessary to prepare for a change within our management approach .

These Attitudes Do

That is, promoting enriching and increasingly less violent social environments that recognize and accept differences, empowering each inhabitant in the search for their well-being and that of their community, and especially, leading by example. We must take into account that there are no unique recipes for happiness .Therefore, we will not b2b email list promote happiness by replicating intervention plans from other countries. Promoting a public policy for managing happiness should define the substance but not the form. In this way, it is essential to improve, take our own paths bas on local research : experiment, err, improve and grow are steps that we will face with determination and resilience.

Not Have to Be Exclusive

Accept that happiness , describ by different authors as a consequence of achieving goals in life, cannot be limit to the honistic pursuit of short-term goals, but quite the opposite: managing happiness involves having a vision of the future. And commit to long-term hard work. Since happiness has become the indispensable factor for strengthening competitive advantages and, therefore, constitutes a valuable CZ Lists intangible asset that will allow us to exce our goals, consolidating the sustainability that we desire both on a personal and business level (achor, 2014 ). Finally: it is worth being brave and taking the risk to be happy . If you want, you can go slow,

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