Koo exceeds 2 million Brazilian users and celebrates on Twitte

Koo exceeds 2 million Brazilian users and celebrates on Twitter Caroline By Caroline Berticelli.
The Koo social network surpassed the mark of 2 million Brazilian users this week and made a point of celebrating the feat on its Twitter profile, the platform’s main competitor. In the post, made last Tuesday (22), the official profile of the Indian platform wrote: “Koo exceeds 2 million users in 4 days! Join the party and invite your friends too.” In the same publication, the social network that began to attract countless Brazilians after the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk also celebrated the fact that the application was at the top of the list of the most downloaded in the Play Store and the App Store . The record number of Brazilian users came days after Koo administrators launched the Portuguese version of the app . To change the language, the user just needs to access the ‘Settings.

Among the personalities who

Have already created their profile on Koo are: influencer Casimiro, actor and comedian Paulo Vieira, actor Bruno Gagliasso Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka singer Clarice Falcão and content creator Felipe Neto. So far, the youtuber is the Brazilian with the most followers on the platform. He celebrated the feat playing with the name of the App on Monday (21). 500k people on my koo! I’m without words!! Completely swamped with happiness… My koo will never be the same. It is an immense pride to have the biggest koo in Brazil!”, wrote Felipe Neto. A day earlier, however, the influencer had informed, through his Twitter account, that his Koo account had been hacked for two hours. “A system crash occurred for 2 hours. That’s where the hacker got into my account, but he didn’t have access to ANYTHING, he could only post, ”he explained The term Koo does not have a translation into Portuguese ‘ tab and open the ‘Language’ field.


What is the Koo social network

Launched in 2020 by Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka, Koo App is a microblog of Indian origin that closely resembles Twitter. It allows Database USA the publication of texts of up to 500 characters, photos, videos and polls, which can be liked, commented or republished. In addition, just like the bird’s network, it has a ‘Trending Topics’ tab with the main topics of the day and the hashtags that got the most engagement. The Koo social network is very similar to Twitter. On Koo, personalities and people of social relevance also have their profile verified by means of a yellow icon. Among Koo’s differentials in relation to Twitter are. The ability to post in more than one language at once. Currently, there are 12 languages ​​that can be chosen by users when submitting a post. Create a sort of photo gallery on the profile. According to Koo’s official website since its launch.

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