How to Save Bandwidth Hosting Usage

Bandwidth hosting can actually be illustrated by the use of roads and cars. So that bandwidth is a highway, while hosting traffic is the traffic density of a data transfer process that is being carried out.
Bandwidth hosting function
The following is a function of bandwidth that you should know:

As a path or it can also be used as a medium for transferring data from the website to the user.

Hosting bandwidth

The amount of bandwidth hosting you need

In fact, it is you who knows the amount of hosting bandwidth you need when registering a new website hosting account. So that bandwidth will be a major concern in building a business site. This is because in order to get as many transactions as possible. For example, when your customer wants to make a payment, but the process is interrupted due to slowness or a delay of more than 3 seconds, of course they will think again and may cancel the payment to be made. That is the reason why well-known websites will need web hosting that is fast, robust and also has high performance. The following are methods that you can apply to determine the bandwidth requirements of your website hosting:

Bandwidth requirement = average Bulk SMS Portugal daily visitors x average page views x average page size) + (average daily file downloads x average file size)] x 31 x fudge factor.


Average daily visitors is the average daily visitor. You can get this data when you have installed google analytics. You can also see the average visitor over a period of 3 months.
Average page views is the average number of impressions. You can get this data with the help of google analytics on your website.

Usually, companies or hosting packages for a website will offer bandwidth in the amount of gb (gigabytes) per month. So you have to take the average per day and multiply it by the number 31. Later the results of your calculations can also be used as a benchmark to determine the bandwidth hosting requirements that you will use on your website.

Tips for overcoming hosting bandwidth limitations

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If you decide to buy hosting that has a limited number of hosting bandwidth specifications. So, when the traffic on your website is high, the server will be down. This is also caused by your hosting bandwidth usage which has exceeded the allowed limit of the web hosting service system that you are Database USA using. Here are 3 ways you can do to overcome the problem of hosting bandwidth limitations:

Upgrade your hosting service package to a much higher specification.
You can make tweaks to all website components so that they are lighter and not wasteful on the bandwidth you have.
You can use cdn services .
Tips on saving hosting bandwidth
The following are some tips that you can do to save your hosting bandwidth.

Using css website background instead of images
Backgrounds on images can also make your website pages longer and also take up a lot of server bandwidth. When you want to save bandwidth consumption on your hosting, you should not use a background image or image. Instead you can use a plain background that comes from the default theme, or you can change it to a neutral color. One thing you have to make sure is that the background is better if you use css.

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