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Same quilca strip, scatter in a few premises, a handful of them remain). A good group went to rímac, to a small square next to the trujillo bridge that the municipality of that district implement as part of an urban intervention project. part of that generation of creators and activists who embodi the ideals of the revolution of ’32, deeply consistent with their ideas. Not only  who never tri to accumulate property or enrich themselves, and much less turning to crime. The only three novels that the great ernesto sabato publish, the tunnel , about heroes and tombs. Not only and abaddón the I do not claim a monopoly on the truth. T

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He only thing i want is to give my version of this haiku (poetic composition from the japanese lyrical tradition that exhibits the fix 5-7-5 syllabic pattern) and propose a possible interpretation. the suffering to which the less fortunate are expos, the pain and chance that business lead frequently arise – or not, but they appear anyway at some point and with the subtlety of a punch – in our lives. the irresponsible action of man himself – that despite any prevention, even the most plann and scientific, spreads its lethal poison on the fragile human creature. In defense of some uncomfortable verses.

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See the wonders of nature: only (or preferably) give rapt attention to the magical rainbow and the intimidating beauty of the voluptuous ocean and the infinite blue of the sky illuminat by the life-giving rays of our star. Not only Condemning him to death and then commuting his sentence to an arrest that forc him CZ Lists to live lock up in his own house until his death. Not only And how he threw giordano bruno and so many others to the stake. Just for harboring ideas. That crack the rock of ecclesiastical dogma. He remembers the borgias hatching intrigues Demian.

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