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History of the youth of emil sinclairit was that book, which fell into my hands after the usual haggling and disbursement – ​​with the triumphant ruction of a few soles – of the little money that i probably had left after a friday night party. Not only. I became a regular visitor to that group of crowd booksellers and readers who came eagerly in search of long-await titles or simply to see what there was. Not only quilca always surpris with some novelty or rarity . Raúl castagnino, owner of elegant and captivating prose, the. Community Shar dealt there with the subtleties of the book as a cultural product: its situation in the age of machinery, best-sellers and the maddening spe of the contemporary world;

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I read this beautiful proverb – of hindu origin, it is said – quite some time ago in a bookmark that was given to me for the purchase of a book in that charming space call “boulevard de la cultura”, which was in jr. Quilca ., and that the booksellers had rent the archbishopric.Fernando Botella gave an interview a few days ago business database to Regina de. Not only Miguel that was publish in the virtual magazine ucación 3.0 . Many of the points rais in it are very current, but at the same time very debatable in a field of such quicksand as that of ucation. Not only. I will reflect on some of the questions and mainly on the answers provid by the author,

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Who with 20 years of experience in management and a career biologist, immerses himself in the future that lies ahead for us in ucation and how the professions will have to turn north. if they do not wish, in their stubbornness, to disappear from the game. The interviewer starts from the statement that we are already experiencing a Revolution 4.0 , and perhaps she is not wrong. Botella tells us: “It is no different CZ Lists from many other revolutions. Not only the Community Shar and perhaps he is not wrong either, but we have.Not only  already gone through all the nomenclatures: 1.0 = people connect to the network. 2.0 = people connecting to people. 3.0 = applications that enrich people’s navigation,

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