Influencer marketing for brands, how to do it

Influencer marketing has been a trend for some time now and by all indications this way of advertising is here to stay. Influencer marketing consists of an advertising strategy that aims to connect the audience of a content creator to a particular brand. How can this bridge between the creator’s followers and the brand be made. There are two main ways to make this connection. Paid media: It’s when the company and the influencer close a contract , the influencer is paid to post a predetermined amount of content. Usually these posts are previously seen by the brand for approval. These would be the famous #publis , which we are used to seeing daily on all types of social networks. Conquered media: In this model, the influencer is not paid to post, he can be invited to a brand event and advertise on his social networks, for example. The most common form.

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of this type of media is创received创, products that brands send content creators in anticipation of them posting about. What should brands be concerned with when choosing a digital influencer. The influencer’s timing is key to making influencer marketing work. You always need to ask yourself ´´Does the profile of the chosen influencer attract the audience that my brand is looking for?´´ , before analyzing the number of followers, engagement, reach, posting frequency, etc. There’s no point in hiring an influencer with millions of followers, if that creator’s market niche fits people who don’t have the brand’s customer profile. It is necessary to choose influencers that are aligned with the image.


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Convey and that have an audience that identifies with the products offered. If the brand is focused on the fashion niche, it is necessary to Database USA hire someone. To create content for an audience that is interested in fashion, for example. To calm the mood, Elon Musk said that Twitter ‘s. Position on content considered harmful remains “absolutely unchanged”. How to have the best targeting when carrying out influencer marketing actions With Ninho Digital. You have specialists in the area of ​​influence marketing, here we bring results. We set up a specialized strategy for your brand, taking into account your campaign objective . We choose the influencer that will bring the most results. And that your audience will identify with, we monitor the data and guarantee the best follow-up during the campaign.

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