WhatsApp releases polls for users; learn how to do it

WhatsApp released the use of polls within the application, both for iOS and Android, this Wednesday (17). The new feature had already been announced on November 3, but has only just begun to be made available. It is worth remembering that the tool was officially launched. But it should not arrive at the same time for all users , as is commonly the case with the App. Therefore, if you have not seen the function yet. It is important to check it out in the Google Play Store or App Store if there is some pending update in your app. WhatsApp polls can be very useful as they serve. As a quick way to ask questions in groups and individual chats . In addition, it is possible to insert up to 12 different answers and the administrator. Will be able to see the quantitative result knowing who voted for each option.

How to poll on WhatsApp

If you’re wondering ‘ How to make a poll on WhatsApp ?’ Know that it’s super simple. To help you, we made a step by step , see: Access a Bulk SMS Portugal conversation. Or group on WhatsApp; On iPhone, tap the plus button. On Android, click on the attachment option (paperclip icon) at the bottom of the screen ;Choose the Poll option. In the tab that will open, add the question and the voting options finally, tap send. To view the result of your poll in the messaging application . Just click on the ‘see votes’ option that appears below. Read also: Mastodon, Twitter users migrate en masse to ‘new’ social network Business Guide Also this Thursday, WhatsApp announced the ‘ Business Guide ‘ function , which was already being tested in São Paulo and can now be used throughout Brazil. The country is the first to ‘win’ the entire purchase journey within the App.


Through the Business Guide

It is possible for users to find commercial establishments , resolve doubts with shopkeepers and make the purchase. And payment  Database USA directly through the application . According to Meta, it has already started tests with the Rede, Cielo, Getnet, Mercado Pago and Fiserv brands so that consumers can make purchases using their debit or credit card. Read also: WhatsApp Business encourages companies to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. It is important to highlight that, for now, the new feature is only available for Android users . There is still no prediction of when it will arrive for IOS. Among the advantages for users is the fact that they no longer need to search for company telephone numbers on websites and save them in their contacts and only then start the conversation. In addition, it will be possible to discover companies by category directly through WhatsApp .For this, the ‘ New Conversation.

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