Twitter users migrate en masse to ‘new’ social network

Mastodon has grown 157% since the beginning of November, that is, after Elon Musk. Completed the purchase of Twitter at the end of October . The social network that until then was little known is attracting users unhappy with the controversies surrounding the bird app. For example, in Brazil alone, according to Google Trends, in the same week that the billionaire made the acquisition of Twitter official , the tool registered that the name Mastodon ended up among the most searched terms. In fact, the social network has been around for six years , but it has always shown timid growth. The sudden increase in activities has even caused some difficulties and some servers had to paralyze the registration of new accounts. Like Twitter, Mastodon has a microblogging format and is available for both Android and iOS. In addition, users also write posts, called ‘toots’, which can be replied to, liked and reposted.

The main difference between

The two is in the technical part: Mastodon works through several servers and users. Need to choose one of them when signing up for the social Bulk SMS Australia network . They are divided by themes ranging from city or country. To interests like games, movies, etc. However, despite the need to make this selection, accounts from different servers can interact normally . What changes is that when choosing a server in question. At first, the user is inserted into an initial community. With profiles with the same interests. It is important to emphasize that the use of several servers, which belong to different organizations. And individuals, makes Mastodon a collective social network , without a single owner as is the case with Twitter. The disadvantage is that if the server where your profile is hosted , for some reason, closes or goes down , the user loses his account . Therefore, to avoid surprises.


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The server will also affect the user’s name , as it ends up incorporated, and searches for other profiles. For example, when looking for Database USA a profile. That uses the same server, just type in the person’s chosen name. On the other hand, if the search is for a profile from another server. It is necessary to write the complete address. Despite not indicating profiles that may be of interest to the user. Mastodon allows, like Twitter, searches by hashtags, tags or subjects. Moderation on Mastodon is a hot topic . Currently, each server has its own rules . Therefore, some servers end up choosing not to link to others that are full of hateful content or robots. The drawback is that users of blocked servers will not appear. When searched for profiles of servers that performed the blocking .Furthermore, illegal posts can be reported and server owners can even delete them, but there.

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