How to Change Ftp Account Password on Cpanel

Ftp stands for file transfer protocol. In other words, ftp is the earliest internet protocol developed and is still in use today. The goal is to download or upload. Actually, the function of ftp is to be able to download and upload files between ftp clients and ftp servers. Cpanel can also change the ftp account password.
The following is a way to change your ftp account password on cpanel.
Click on ftp accounts in the files section
You can click change password on the ftp account that you want to change the password for. You can enter a password with a new password or password. While the password (again) you must confirm the password using a new password or password.
The next step, click on change password so that you can save the password changes that you made.
Your ftp account password has been successfully changed.

Change or change ftp account password

You can completely change the existing passwords for all ftp accounts found on cpnael. But what you have to pay attention to is that the total quota on your ftp will be limited by the total storage space provided for your hosting account. For example, if you have 1000mb of storage space on your hosting account and if you use it to create an ftp account it uses a quota of 500mb, but your ftp quota is still 1000mb. The method:

Enter the “ftp accpunts” page in your cpanel.
When the page opens, you will see the “Accounts management” table which contains information that has been divided into 6 sections, including:
User, an entry that displays the login or user SMS Gateway Taiwan name used for the ftp account concerned.
Type, is an entry that displays a number of icons sorted by the type of ftp account. For further information, you can see the “Legend” information table.
Directory, is an entry that displays the location of the ftp account.
Disk usage is an entry that displays the usage of storage space that has been used by the ftp account in question.
Quota is an entry that will later display the storage space that has been allocated to the ftp account in question.

Functions is an entry that provides several options

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Including delete, which is used to delete an existing ftp account on the system. In addition, there is an edit quota that is used to change the amount of storage space allocated for ftp accounts. Then, there is a change password that is used to change the password.
You also have to specify the ftp that you will Database USA edit in the “User” column
Next, click the “change password” icon in the “functions” column of the ftp account in question.
Next, enter the new password contained in the “New password” field, click the “Change” button.
Finally, you will be shown the message “Account password changed!”
Having this message indicates that your attempt to change the ftp account password has been successful.

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