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How to overcome dkim error problems in cpanelan error dkim record problem can cause the marketing email you send does not have a dkim record. As a result, messages you send will be marked as dangerous emails.

Youill be given two choices, namely to report the email or but accept it because you feel the email is safe.

Of course for example as shown in the image belowl

The message automatically goes to the spam or trash folder because no dkim record is found. And to avoid this, you have to ensure that there are no constraints on dkim records. The image below is an example of an email that doesn’t have a dkim record.

Therefore, to overcome this problem, you should Bulk SMS Colombia check the dkim record for errors. The method is as follows:

First step: login to cpanel
The first thing you have to do to overcome the dkim error problem is to log in to your cpanel account . You will be asked to enter your username and password. Please enter the username and password that you previously had.

Email deliverability

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From the cpanel dashboard page, you can enter the email deliverability menu. To find this menu, there are two ways you can do it. First, you can search for it via the search box at the top of the cpanel dashboard.

The second way is, you can scroll through the cpanel dashboard screens. Then, on the email menu, you can click email deliverability. And after entering the email deliverability Database USA menu, if you find a “Problem exist” sign on the email deliverability status. If you find such a sign, you can fix it. You do this by clicking the “Repair” button.

After clicking the repair button, the dkim record will become valid. If this is the case, you can retry to send the email again. So, in the original version the sender of the email will see the dkim record mark. Examples like the image below.

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