How to Find Out the Ftp Server User

Reset ftp account passwords
You can reset or change the credentials that you can use to log into the hosting account with the help of ftp. Because doing so will allow you to be able to upload files to your account using your ftp client. The following is how to reset or change the details on your hosting account.

Log into your hosting account manager

Click on web hosting
Enter the gateway using idwebhost data
Next, on the domain name of the user you are going to change, click on settings.
You can enter a new cpanel password or password. And click on change password. What you should know you cannot change the username of the main ftp account that is in cpanel.
Ftp account passwords
How to change your cpanel ftp account password
Actually, many idwebhost customers question SMS Gateway Brunei how to change the password on your ftp account. It could be due to forgetting or just going to reset it. However, if you don’t have experience or don’t know the tutorial, here’s how:

Login to cpanel on your  web hosting.
Next, in the “Files” section, click on “Ftp accounts”.
You select “Change password” which is next to the ftp account column that you will change the password for.
Then, you can enter a new password that matches what you want. Repeat the new password, and don’t forget to click “change password”.
It’s finished. Your ftp accounts account has now changed its password.
Ftp account passwords

Ftp is indeed known as an internet protocol

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That runs in an application layer which is a standard used to send files on computers between networks. In other words, ftp is an application or service that is usually used to make transfers from one place to another. So very fast and concise. If it is likened to someone causing you to have a Database USA nightmare because of uploading an incomplete file, of course that will be something that is uncomfortable for you. This time we will explain how to crack your ftp account password using brute force. Previously, you could download brute-rorce (brutus) first. Next is how

Then, run brutus. And fill in the target according to what you are targeting. Then, select the wordlist and ftp in the dropdown menu.
Click start.
The process is carried out depending on the length of the password provided. Later, after completion your password or password will be shown. So you will be able to find out the password of your ftp account.

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