How to Add an Ftp User in Plesk and Use It With Filezilla

Building a website requires files and folders. The How to Add an Ftp more websites that are built, the more files and folders are used. If you are a website developer or designer, this has the potential to be inconvenient. You may forget where the media file you just moved is. Or also maybe the theme folder is missing and not transferring to the right server.

Regardless of How to Add an Ftp whatever problems you face

You need ftp to make it easier when managing files and folders on the website.
Ftp uses
Before discussing how to add an user in plesk, it would be nice to know what ftp is. Ftp or file transfer protocol is a tool that connects local files on your computer to an online server. For example, you have just created a wordpress website. Then you want to move all the files on your computer to the server and launch your website in cyberspace.

In essence, gives you the flexibility to manage files, edit, and check if there are any problems there. Currently, almost all hosting providers provide the one click buttons feature Bulk SMS Ireland to install files on a website platform, like say wordpress. However, the presence of is important for website owners as a backup if later there is a problem with the website.

Ftp itself has 2 important elements, namely server and client. server is a server that runs software with the function of providing file exchange services that are always ready if there is a request from an ftp client. While the ftp client is a computer that you use to carry out activities. Both of them must always be connected so that they can carry out activities such as downloading, uploading, renaming, and other activities.

How to add an user in plesk
Plesk is one of the web hosting panels with more and more users these days. One of the factors that makes plesk have so many users is its ability to be multi-platform. Yes, plesk is available on windows, linux, and macos.

And like other hosting control panels, with plesk, you can also add ftp users. Here’s how to add an ftp user in plesk:

Step 1: login to the plesk dashboard

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The first step that you have to do when you are going to add an ftp user in plesk, of course, is to log into your plesk account first. Please fill in the fields provided with the username and password that you previously had.

How to add ftp users in plesk

Step 2: enter the ftp access menu
After successfully entering the dashboard page, from the dashboard, please enter the ftp access menu. This menu is on the file & databases tab.

How to add users in plesk

Step 3: add accounts
By default, there is already one account that Database USA can be used. If you want to create again, please click the add an ftp account menu at the top of the page. As in the image below.

How to add users in plesk

Step 4: filling out the form
After clicking the add an account menu, you will be directed to a form page, where you are asked to fill it out. Please fill in the form, such as the desired name, folders that are allowed to be accessed by the user, and don’t forget to enter the password. Here’s what it looks like in the picture.

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