Photos & Videos for Social Media Marketing

Gautreaux says that video is great for use in Photos & Videos digital advertising and the app provides an excellent set of data that is perfect for use in video creation and retargeting campaigns. Gautreaux shares some key tips for creating engaging social media videos for your business:

Start with a hook. With so much content available to users, you need to grab their attention in just a few seconds.
Export in proper format. Each social media platform has a preferred or original video size and format. For example, facebook and youtube have a preferred 16:9 aspect ratio. Instagram has several format options, but the most common are 1:1 aspect ratio for timelines and 9:16 for instagram stories.

Choose optimization for Photos & Videos best results

Youtube and facebook provide longer videos – 2 minutes or more. Instagram videos perform better when they are between 30 seconds and 1 minute.
Use captions. Many users watch videos with the volume down on their phones. If they are interested in what they see, they will turn up the volume.
Have a clear call to action. Tell viewers what you want them to do after watching your video. Consider how you want viewers to engage with your brand. Do you want them to like and share your videos? Do you want them to visit your website?
Photo & video application for social media marketing
There are many social media video apps SMS Gateway Lithuania available online and in app stores. We’ve rounded up five of the most popular apps to help you choose the best video creation app for your business.

Canva has been a popular graphic design tool for years. It is used by individuals and marketing professionals to create stunning flyers, social media posts, business cards and so much more. Canva launched canva animator, which gives users the ability to create the same beautiful posts that can now be animated with six different effects for free or a small fee.

This is a fantastic feature, especially for brands that are used to working with the canva platform. Even those who have never used canva – or any other graphic design app – will find the mechanics very user-friendly. Once your design is ready, you download the animation in gif or movie format, depending on where you want to use the post.

Spark video is a true game-changer

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This tool is completely free and made by adobe. The easy-to-use interface guides you as you create beautiful videos which can contain your own images, video clips, icons, images or text. You can search for a free graphic covered by a creative commons license or purchase one from adobe’s digital library, which has a large collection of material to choose from.

The platform has an excellent number of free Database USA themes to make it easy for anyone to create stunning, professionally-crafted videos. The free music library further elevates the final creation.

Crello is like canva in many ways. Functionality and ease of use are pretty much on the same level, and crello is also free. Where crello jumps to the next level is in the fully customizable post animations.

While canva allows you to animate your written text, crello provides fully animated post templates. All you have to do is add your text, save and upload to your favorite social media site. These files are saved as mp4s and can be played anywhere that allows video. [interested in social media marketing solutions? Check out our top picks.]

Lumen5 is a great choice for businesses of all sizes that produce casual blog content. Lumen5 allows you to easily turn blog content into stunning videos.

The free service pulls the images and words from your posts, which you can then adjust as needed to create a video that tells the story for you. Make it interesting enough to keep people watching, but leave viewers wanting more so they click through on the full story. Free and paid plans available.

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