Accessing Ftp Using Filezilla

O be able to access ftp, there are several applications that you can use. In this article, the application used to access ftp is filezilla. If you don’t have it, you can download it here .

If you already have the filezilla application , open Accessing Ftp Using the application, then enter the hostame (can be a domain name or server name) and the user password you just created. The port column can be left blank. Then click the quick connect menu.

Ftp accounts

Ftp access from filezilla
Access from filezilla has almost the same function as accessing the file manager from the plesk page. As a user, you can create, delete, rename, upload, download, view/edit and so on. To do this, please right-click on the file in the right column in filezilla.


Upload files Accessing Ftp Using in filezilla

Of course you can upload files using filezilla. Uploading your own files is quite easy. Only by dragging and dropping, files can be uploaded on ftp. Uploading can be done by dragging files in the left column (computer) to the right column (plesk).

As for downloading, it can be done by dragging the file from the right (plesk) to the left (computer). Examples like in the image below.


Filezilla features
Of course the question arises, why do we use filezilla as an example. Besides being able to be used on many operating systems, filezilaa also has several interesting features that make it widely chosen by users. Here are some interesting features that filezilla has:

The first is the site manager. This Accessing Ftp Using feature has a function to give the user the choice to log in as anonymous or normal. If you want a normal login, you can select the option to save password and username.

Message logs
The second feature that you can enjoy is the SMS Gateway Norway message log. These services will generally appear at the top of the software window. Here, you will get information about the type of console output sent by filezilla. Later the file sent will respond and be received easily from the server.

View files and folders
Next there is a file and folder view. Its function is to view or display the graphical interface. You get the authority to navigate the folders in it. How to use it is also quite easy, just drag and drop.

Transfer queues
Transfer queue is another feature of filezilla which functions to display data and active files in it in real time.

Drag and drop support

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With this feature, you can drag and drop more easily. When working with filezilla, of course you wish you could do it fast, right?

The existence of a bookmark feature can make it easier for you to mark data that you have previously stored. If you want to visit settings that have been made before, then you can use this feature.

Directory comparison
This feature will make it easy for you to compare a file directory with another file directory. So, you can determine for yourself which files are important to use and which are unnecessary.

That’s how to add an ftp user in plesk. Likewise Database USA with using filezilla as an application used to upload files on ftp. If you still have questions about ftp on plesk or idwebhost services , don’t hesitate to contact the idwebhost support team .

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