How to Add a Domain Addon in Plesk

Having more than one domain on a hosting account will of course be very enjoyable. Especially if you know how to add addon domains in plesk. The added domain can be used to create a new website, which may be completely different from the existing content on your main domain. This is what is known as an addon domain.

The question is why did this happen

This might happen because the addon domain has a different root directory than the main domain. So that allows you to create two or more websites in one hosting account. The number of addon domains really depends on the hosting plan you choose, of course. In plesk, the currently rising control panel, you can also add addon domains.

Before discussing further about how to create an addon domain in plesk, it would be nice if you also understood the meaning of an addon domain. Addon domain is a Bulk SMS Nepal domain that is added to the main domain hosting. Before the domain is set up as an addon, your first task is to match the ns or nameservers with the main domain hosting.

Domain addon is a very familiar feature for domain owners. This domain was added after the main domain. Later the addon domain will be added by itself through a special folder in the website directory.

You can make your own settings in the plesk panel. Apart from that, what many people ask is, are addon domains the same as subdomains? The answer is no. Regarding this, will be discussed in another section of this paper.

What was discussed the first time, especially if it wasn’t how to add an addon domain in plesk.

This article will discuss how to add an addon domain in plesk.

How to add a domain addon in plesk

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Actually, how to addon domains in plesk is quite easy to do. You only need a few steps to be able to do it. The following are the steps you can take:

First step: login to your plesk panel account
The first step you have to do is first log in Database USA to your plesk account. Please enter your username and password. If you don’t have plesk hosting yet, you can order cheap hosting with idwebhost’s plesk panel .

Second step: add domain
After successfully logging in to your plesk panel account, on the website & domains menu, please click add domain. Next, you will be asked to fill in the information that appears on the monitor screen. The fields that you must fill in, as shown in the image below are.

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