Difference Between Addon Domain and Subdomain

After that, please click ok. And Difference Between if successful, a notification message will appear that reads “Information: the domain mynewdomain.Com was successfully created”.

Examples of domain addon usage

Then how to use the addon domain

Here is a simple example of using addon domains. For example, you have a website mydomain.Com. On that domain, the hosting directory will point to the public_html folder.

Then, suddenly you want to add a new website address with the name webbarusaya.Com. Here is an easy and economical way to make the website. That is using an addon domain.

Then, where will the new domain name be directed? Later, the new domain name will be directed to public_html. Then, the newly created domain will appear in the same folder, which is public_html. What distinguishes it is the name alone, namely public_html/websitebaru.Com.

Another benefit that you can get is that the Bulk SMS Malaysia addon domain will automatically create ftp or file transfer protocol. Others, of course you can save costs. No need to buy domains and hosting anymore, you can take advantage of them using this feature.

What you need to understand is, if you use an addon domain, the resources you use will also be shared. The number of divisions also depends on the number of new domains you create. The more addon domains you create, the specifications such as bandwidth, disk space, and so on will also be divided. This may affect the performance of your main website. Then, what you have to understand is that access to plesk can only be done by the main domain. You cannot do this using an addon domain that you added earlier.

After discussing how to add an addon domain in plesk, to end the discussion in this article, are there any friends who are still confused, can’t tell the difference between an addon domain and a subdomain?

As stated at the beginning of this article

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Addon domains allow you to create a new website name that is different from the main website. This will be seen from a different url. Meanwhile, if you use a subdomain, the new domain you create is an integral part of the main domain.

You also won’t be able to create your own url Database USA names because the urls for subdomains contain elements from the main domain itself.

Domain addon is a feature that can be used to add another website, which is different from the main domain. You can save costs because you don’t have to buy hosting anymore to add new websites. We hope that after reading this article, you not only understand how to add addon domains in plesk, but also understand the benefits of using addon domains.

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