Shadowban: Instagram starts to guide users

Last week Instagram announced a new platform feature aimed at avoiding the dreaded shadowban . For this, the social network will help users regarding post  recommendations and publication policies . The novelty is  aimed at companies and digital influencers and is only available for professional accounts. Basically, Instagram will let content creators. Know if their posts are in accordance with social network. Policies and if they will be recommended to non-followers of the profile. In the Explore tab, Feed and Reels .”We’re announcing new transparency tools so you can see .Whether or not your photos and videos are recommended in places like Explore,” said Adam. Mosseri  head of Instagram, in a video posted on Twitter last Wednesday. We are introducing the  with our decision so that our review team can take a look at it as soon as possible and we can continue to improve our detection technology.

The executive also recalled

That many times some Instagram profiles have little engagement due to the reach. Of their publications , which are no longer boosted by the algorithm because they are not in accordance with the. Recommendation Bulk SMS India Guidelines .“We know that for many creators, having Instagram recommend their content is a great way to reach new fans and grow your audience. That’s why it’s important to us that creators understand our guidelines and be able to know if something they’ve posted or have on their profile could be affecting their reach to non-followers.” Read also: Digital influencer, how does this new profession work? What is shadowban? Shadowban , which can be translated as ‘phantom ban. Read also: Influencer marketing for brands, how to do it.


Occurs when Instagram drastically reduces

The reach of posts from a given account – through the recommendation algorithm – due to constant violations. Of the Recommendation  Guidelines. In this case, the posted content becomes a ‘ghost’ , because even if it exists. It is hidden from feed publications and hashtag searches, for example. Previously, it was very difficult to understand why an  Database USA account was Shado wbaned , as Instagram did not specify the reason for the penalty .With the new feature, however, the content creator will be informed about the reason for the infraction , thus understanding which guidelines were not respected , and will be able to correct the problem .In addition, in the case of not agreeing with Instagram , the administrator of the social network has the option of resorting to verification before editing or deleting a post and requesting a revision of the content.

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