Google and Turma da Mônica launch a comic

Google and Turma da Mônica launch a comic about personal data protection Caroline By Caroline Berticelli
Maurício de Sousa Produções, in partnership with Google Brazil, launched a comic book’Turma da Mônica’ on personal data protection in the last week. The comic talks about online privacy in a fun and child-oriented way. The main objective of the partnership is to teach children to surf the internet safely and confidently, but it can also help parents or guardians to understand how data protection works in the virtual world. For this, the special magazine teaches what personal data is and what rules help to protect the privacy of this information in Brazil . The comic can be accessed for free on the special publications page of Maurício de Sousa Produções and, for the time being, it is only available in the online version. But in it will be distributed.

In teaching institutions

Schools, civil society organizations focused on the rights of children and adolescents, in addition to entities and research institutes on privacy and data Bulk SMS China protection. According to Mônica Sousa, executive director of Mauricio de Sousa Produções , we often end up believing that children understand the basic rules of safety and privacy in the online. Environment because they are “born with cell phones in their hands”, but this is a mistake. “Being a digital native does not necessarily. Mean knowing the precautions necessary to ensure privacy on the internet and, often, fathers and mothers also have questions. In the language of comics, Turma da Mônica helps translate the importance of protecting personal data to all audiences”, explained the director. Giovanna Ventre, a Google Brazil lawyer who coordinated the project, also highlighted that the famous. Brazilian character’s comics are the ideal way for children to have contact.


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Usually taught in a boring way. Both for the language and images used, and for the fun way they manage. To get the message across. “The Turma da Database USA  Mônica . Comics are a national treasure and, naturally. The perfect way for children and their families to appropriate these themes”, said Ventre. Monica’s Gang in Personal Data Protection In the story, titled ‘ Monica’s Gang in Personal Data Protection ‘, Professor. Spada accompanies Mônica and her mother, Dona Luísa, on a journey to learn more about personal security, which begins. With a suspicious phone call. Therefore, the questions of ‘How was the personal data accessed by third parties?’, ‘With whom were they shared?’ and ‘For what reasons were they shared?’ guide Monica on a playful journey to learn more about privacy and how to protect yourself on the internet .The publication also offers content from.

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