Upload Content Using the File Manager

The second way is more convenient Upload Content Using to do. Due to the use of the customer’s graphic user interface , with a variety of useful features. For example visual html editor and file permission manager . In this article, the method used is uploading files on plesk using a file manager.

In general, files in web data are divided into two, namely:

A standalone file, for example index .Php.
Files in the folder.
The way to upload the two files is actually the same in outline. What distinguishes it is the steps taken to upload the file.

Here’s how to upload files in plesk using the file manager

Step 1: login to your plesk account
How to upload files in plesk

The first step you should take is to login to your Bulk SMS Bangladesh plesk account. You do this by using yourdomain.Com, or using the server link provided by your hosting provider. It looks like in the image below.

Step 2: choose a destination for saving files
After entering the website dashboard page and doman, you must determine where the file is intended. There are two options available. Namely addressed to the domain or subdomain. Examples like in the image below.

How to upload files in plesk

Step 3: enter file manager
After selecting where the uploaded file is intended, on the files & databases menu , select the file manager submenu .

How to upload files in plesk

Step 4: go to httpdocs
On the file manager page, please click the httpdocs folder in the left sidebar. By default, web data on the plesk server is uploaded in the httpdocs folder.

Upload file to plesk

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Step 2: change the folder format to .Zip
When the notification window appears, select the general tab , then in the archive format section, please select zip. Then click ok, and wait for the process to finish.

Upload file to plesk

Step 3: upload the folder to plesk
The next step is to upload the zip-formatted Database USA folder to plesk. The method is exactly the same as how to upload the file above. Then, after uploading the folder is complete, please extract the zip file.

Upload file to plesk

Hover over the file. Then the corresponding row will be highlighted.

Easy enough, right? If you still have questions about how to upload content files on plesk, please leave a question in the comments column, or contact idwebhost customer service directly.

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