A book is meant to be an addition to our senses

We will begin to see a book as ‘food’. This causes us to challenge ourselves to ‘chew’ it faster so we can ‘chew the next food’ faster. We will begin to see it as data; as something to remember. When we start to stop looking for it as knowledge, then everything we are looking for will only last for a while. Read Slowly For Deeper Thoughts.. read slowly and deeply Despite the weakness of ‘memorizing’, there is another method that is more worthwhile to read, which is to read carefully and deeply.

As stated above, the reason is clear. Learning (whether memorizing or understanding) requires focus. Without paying full attention, we will have trouble keeping anything in our minds. For example, listening to a podcast while trying to reply to an email.

When we read fast then we will focus on finishing the book as fast as possible

Our eyes rarely look back to look back at the Database sentence we have read. Our brains recklessly fast-forward, leaving huge holes for comprehension. This makes it difficult for our minds to work on connecting and making connections with what information has been collected.

As a result, it not only disables the understanding of the passage being read and will even damage the understanding of the next paragraph, depending on what is being read. The mystery will never be solved if the detective misses all the clues.

A novel will also not be understood by only reading the back page


This is what I feel when I read quickly, I feel like I have Database Usa never read anything. read lots of books An idea must be connected or collided with other ideas in order for a new idea to be formed The main purpose of reading slowly is not only to ensure that we understand every word in front of us. .. but so that it can seep into our minds.

Although the first things that will appear are distractions and inappropriate thoughts, but with practice all these things will become parallel. We will be able to see similarities and differences in everything you read. These connections are fundamental to learning itself.

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