Honestly during that period I felt like I only learned

The more I read, the less I get. The faster I read, the lower my comprehension level. After a few chapters, I find it increasingly difficult to grasp any information I read or hear. I can’t make any connections after finishing a chapter. I cannot explain to others what I read.

This also happens when I multi-task. My brain is not able to accept what is being read while listening to something else (radio for example). I feel tired quickly when this situation continues.. I feel like the things I read and heard never existed in my head.

Basically I agree we should read a lot But not in a hurry

It is not the number of books that we need to Phone Number List pursue, but the quality of our reading. Problems That Arise When Reading Quickly.. read quickly When we ‘remember’ something, we call it data, information or fact. What we ‘understand’ something, we call it knowledge (knowledge.

This knowledge or knowledge will shape us as human beings. We keep an article in the archive for future reference, while the purpose of a book is the opposite. The purpose of the book is to inspire and help us develop ourselves. A book is meant to be an addition to our senses, to develop maturity within us.

So that we can see further into the future. And this is where the problem will occur if we read quickly: We will begin to see a book as ‘food’.

This causes us to challenge ourselves to ‘chew’ it faster so we can ‘chew the next food’ faster

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We will begin to see it as data; as something to remember. When Database Usa we start to stop looking for it as knowledge, then everything we are looking for will only last for a while.

Read Slowly For Deeper Thoughts.. read slowly and deeply Despite the weakness of ‘memorizing’, there is another method that is more worthwhile to read, which is to read carefully and deeply.


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