While I strongly encourage everyone to read

It will not clear the fog in our head. In fact, increasing the rate of information intake, does not mean that we will become smarter. It just makes us tired faster. What is the Difference between Remembering & Understanding? remember-vs-understand Our ability to store information occurs in two forms:

The first is in the form of ‘remembering memorization.’ Memorization is the basic way to remember something. It is highly context dependent, takes longer to retain and is easy to forget. We all do this during our school days.

We memorize all the chemical elements in the periodic table

Quadratic equations and all historical facts. Everything Whatsapp Mobile Number List we do is just to pass the exam. But I think you’ve all forgotten all this, right? The second way we store information is by ‘understanding.

We will understand what is happening when we can digest that information as truth. It will become a part of us, and we will be able to explain it back to others.

This is the main purpose of creating science project activities and study groups at school: to stimulate knowledge rather than rote memorization. A significant difference between ‘remembering’ and ‘understanding’ can be seen in the example of raising children.

We can tell small children not to touch hot pots. And they can remember it well. But in most cases, this is still not able to prevent them from touching hot things. Even if they remember your message that the pot is hot, it fails to prevent them from touching the hot iron. They remember but do not understand.

They won’t know until they feel the heat themselves Experiments

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I Did With Myself.. Influenced by many articles about Database Usa successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Tim Ferris and Warren Buffet who spend 80% of their day with books, I decided to give it a try. read On average, most CEOs of successful companies read 4-5 books a month, which makes them read 60 books a year.

So I set a pretty crazy goal of 60 books a year just like them. I ran this experiment last year, which is 2015. While conducting this experiment, I realized that reading at a normal speed would not be able to achieve my objective. I don’t have enough time and should double my reading speed.

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