Which will create a maintenance of motivation

For some time now, the Customer-Seller relationship has changed. The first physical contact is no longer an obligatory passage for those who seek information, because it is everywhere, the web has revolutionized the purchasing process, it accompanies us on our smartphones, you can, online, for example, configure a vehicle, launch a financing simulation (or even several!), look for counter-offers online by email, and the catchment area is considerably extended, not to mention the new competition that the Web has brought.

The organization of a real operation

So what to do? Stop prospecting? Of course not ! Calling a file of prospects by capitalizing on the personal talent of its sales force is not enough , and if certain whatsapp mobile number list local successes will make me lie,The success of such an operation: The 3 steps of telephone prospecting First step: the organization of a real operation To be effective, we need the right tools , and we have to make sure that they are in line with our objective. Who to target? To offer what? With what speech? What resistance will I encounter? So many elements to prepare in advance to give everyone the “turnkey” elements of success.It must be accompanied by an incentive ,  to work regularly on the operation, and to remain mobilized throughout the period.

To facilitate appropriation and play on motivation

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Centrally prepare a file of targets to be contacted .With prior qualification if possible. At least sorting, in order to limit waste during phoning operations. Work Database USA on a conquest offer to work on a particular interest in getting a prospect to move who. A priori, has no particular affect on the brand. Prepare the speech that will be used by the whole team. And train him to use it, by involving it in the exercise, and by putting it to work to facilitate appropriation and play on motivation. Second step: launch and support the operation A prospecting operation must have a start date and an end date, carried by the offer intended for prospects.

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