All the tools and practices going in this direction are required, with a very uncertain use according to the habits established until then. In these remote practices, videoconferencing tools seem to win the prize, but the telephone remains an essential tool that is still widely used, and the vast majority of cases prove to me that today, it is more than necessary to think about prospecting, to integrate it into a real global approach, organized, prepared, piloted on a daily basis to record the expected results.

The use of the telephone in this particular

If the use of the telephone remains necessary, she most often omitted to highlight the 3 key steps predominant in twhich is likely to experience a real resurgence Latest Mailing Database around May 11 (and certainly over the next few weeks). But how to use it wisely in a commercial perspective? Too intrusive? Bad come? Or even opportunist? It all depends on the tone, the speech and the method used. How to (re)organize the use of the telephone in this particular context? On which axes to revive this subject? And why not rely on the mastery of well-mastered basics? “So, how many raises today?” », « Did you treat your 10 reminders well today we have to bring in new customers.

If the sellers called regularly

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How many sales people have heard this constant “encouragement” from their Managers? How many Database USA Managers want to find new targets to achieve the objectives? But for what results? What organization is really put in place to provide the teams with a little more than a simple offer to “push” to prospects who, a priori, have no expectations? The classic reaction to the task is recurrent: “prospecting by telephone, it’s over!” », « If the sellers called regularly, they would succeed! “, “Going to find customers when they are not even buyers, it is useless! “…Not completely wrong… What is true is that the phone ALONE is useless. And that the simple fact of “launching” prospecting is not enough.