Digital strategy for companies: SMEs or large groups, companies wishing to embark on digital must ask themselves the right questions: Why go digital? Why should I go digital? What are my targets, how do they work? Where will I find them, and what interests them? For Edith Taillart, answering these questions is a necessary first step in defining a digital strategy: “ it is then easier to structure your strategy, which follows naturally since you know the messages you want to convey to your targets.

To them about what interests them

The channels through which to do so and the tools to use” . And this is the heart of any digital database marketing strategy : placing your targets at the center, whether they are customers, partners or prospects . The secret ingredient of digital marketing? Empathy ! “Once you know your targets, you can talk to them about what interests them, and gradually make them understand that the products or services offered by the company are a solution to solve their problems or help them”, specifies Edith. Digital transformation: where are we in France? For Edith, although progress is rather heterogeneous.

The first mistake to avoid shared


French companies do not have to be ashamed of their digital maturity! Many interesting initiatives are actually implemented in small companies. Not to Database USA mention large groups. Which have many lines of thought on the subject. “However, what we can say is that companies must succeed. In their digital transformation if they want to succeed more globally”. Assures Edith. Successful digital transformation: how to do it? The first mistake to avoid, shared by Edith Taillart and Ilham Guggenheim , is to confuse digital and technical: “Technology is not an end, it’s a means!” specifies Edith Taillart. For her, companies must understand that digital transformation begins with people.