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What are marketing  ne to take a step forward and proce with an even more specific selection within this macro category. This is where the analysis of the phase of the purchasing cycle – the buyer’s journey – in which each contact finds itself comes into play. How to recognize marketing-qualifi leads Not all contacts are the same, just as it is not possible to compare all prospects. Let’s try to orient ourselves better through the main phases of the buyer’s journey. Site visitors This category classifies without distinction all users who have visit the site, consult the contents of the blog , studi the latest news in the sector through social sharing.

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Visitors to the company website are, in fact, strangers who can become leads and subsequently customers. Leads As we mention previously, leads wedding photo editing service are contacts who express an interest in the company, through downloading content, for example. To optimize contact management, this category is further divid into: marketing-qualifi leads (MQL) sales-qualifi lead (SQL) A marketing-qualifi lead is defin as a contact who is more likely to become a potential customer than others. It is a lead who has not only shown interest in the company’s proposal, but is involv in the main marketing activities such as, for example, subscribing to the newsletter.

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Strategic activities such as lead nurturing in this case are necessary to fuel buyers’ curiosity and support the conversion phase of commercial contacts into satisfi customers. Read this article recently publish on our blog to get the most out of this marketing technique! The sales-qualifi lead is sufficiently mature to begin a commercial negotiation with the sales force, who therefore has the task of qualifying it as an opportunity, first, and then a customer. bb sales strategies glossaryWhy are marketing-qualifi leads crucial? Getting in touch with MQLs allows you to better Data Base USA outline the conversion process from commercial contact to end customer. By analyzing the behavior and response of this category of leads.

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