Use the Heatmap Tool to Determine the Active Area

Top paid traffic sources (periklanan ppc & ppv) Paid traffic is that which comes from paid advertisements . Typically, this is a Use the Heatmap Tool faster form of traffic acquisition, but obviously, it comes with a higher cost risk. Paid ad targeting makes it possible to advertise directly to the people who are most likely to buy your product.

Ppc (pay per click) advertising and ppv (pay per view) advertising both charge a fee for campaign promotion. Ppc charges you for clicks on your ad links and ppv charges you for each view of your landing page. Ppc advertising is the more popular payment method, which you will encounter more often.

Get more clicks on affiliate links

Paid search is a form of advertising that appears in the search engine results path, which depends on the keywords in the search query. Paid search advertising search results come in a similar form to regular search results and you pay for each click to your link. Paid search results blend seamlessly into the search page, which provides instant results in the form of clicks and leads.

On the other hand, paid search advertising Bulk SMS Cambodia Use the Heatmap Tool is high risk with low profit. This source of traffic especially considering google’s search engine is very competitive and expensive. But if you can figure out how to make paid search advertising work and adjust your budget, it can be very profitable.

Here is a list of the most popular search engines in the world:

Bing (microsoft)
Yandex (russia)
Baidu (china)
Getting more clicks on affiliate links

4 ways to earn more click on affiliate links

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Looking for a way to increase the click-through rate of your banner ad or affiliate link? Here are some ad placement optimization suggestions that can help you increase your ctr and conversion rate. Check them

Use content in line placements instead of the “default” ad placement
Studies show that “default” banner ad placements are usually ignored because many web visitors are starting to become “immune” to ads placed in this way. In other words, many netizens are now experiencing “advertising blindness” for ads with this placement; many unknowingly ignore your ads, leading to somewhat disappointing conversion rates. Let’s take a look at a recent study by nielsen.

From the image above, you can see that most of the action takes place in the content area whereas the “default” ad placement areas (such as the banner below the Database USA menu and the right sidebar) receive almost no attention. To overcome ad blindness, try using inline placements that incorporate your banner between your content. This will help increase your ctr (click-through rate).

Your text hyperlinks instead of showing naked affiliate links
Showing naked affiliate links may not be a good choice because naked links are generally complex.

Instead of showing affiliate links directly, try hyperlinking your links to actionable or related words. Actionable words are words that motivate your visitors to do something. Examples of actionable words are “click here”, “watch here” or “visit here”. Related words are “running shoes” which link to the nike website or “build an online business” which link to exabytes, for example.

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