Add Your Mapping Domain to Your Hosting Account

However, if you are looking for a self-hosted site Add Your Mapping with wordpress as cms, you most likely have a third-party hosting provider. This requires changing three fields of your hosting account’s cpanel – host record, alias record, and nameservers.

Hosts notes. The host must be set to localhost.Domain-name.Com (or @) in the hosting account and must point to a host record with the ip address of your primary site hosting account.
Record aliases. Your host must be set to ftp.Domain-name.Com. The alias record, in this case, should point to domain-name.

Come with your main site’s url

Name servers. Nameservers are the addresses Add Your Mapping used to link your domain to your hosting account’s ip address. This allows visitors to access your website. Typically, you get three different nameservers that might look something like ns1.Domain-name.Com, ns2.Domain-name.Com, and ns3.Domain-name.Com.
In general, a free Bulk SMS Jordan domain mapping service, which means you don’t have to worry about making changes yourself.Now that your domains are ready, you can proceed to add more domains to your hosting account and point them all to your main website. If you don’t want to add more domains to your hosting account then you can skip to the next section.

However, if you have purchased additional domains then you will need to point them to your hosting account before you can tie them to your main website. To get started, login to your cpanel and navigate to the domains section.

Under the shortcuts section, click the assign a domain to your cpanel account link. On the following screen, you will be asked to choose whether you want to assign a domain name that is already linked to your hosting account or assign a new domain name to it. Once you have done that, be sure to verify that you own the domain by following the instructions detailed by your hosting provider.

Next, choose to set the domain name as the addon domain. Finally, select the addon directory and sub-domains. The addon directory field must already be filled with a default value. It should be your main site file path like public_html. When finished, click the assign this domain button to continue.

You can add as many domains as you want following the steps outlined in this section. There he is! Both of your domains have been assigned to the same folder.

Link the domain to your main site

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Once all the domains are added, you must link them to your main site by tying them with your hosting account. Navigate to domains > zone editor from your cpanel account.

From the dns zone editor screen , scroll down to the add dns records section:

Hosts notes . Enter localhost in this text field.
Ttl. The ttl field is required.
Type . Select a as the type.
Point to. Enter your cpanel ip address in this text field.
Click the add record button to continue.
Now, you can install wordpress by following the famous 5 minute installation guide detailed in the wordpress codex.

Step 4: point sub-domains to your main site
Now that your domains are added to your hosting account, you are in a position to create sub-domains for them and point them to your main site. To get started, login to your cpanel account and head to domains > subdomains.

From the subdomains screen, scroll down to the create subdomain section, enter your sub-domain, and select a domain from the drop-down menu. You must also Database USA enter a value in the home (root document) folder field. To point your sub-domain to your main site, make sure your home folder is set to public_html. Make sure to click the create button when you are done. Since we want the sub-domain to point to our main site, we’ll create an alias ​​record (cname) for it. Same as before, navigate to domains > zone editor from your cpanel account.

How to mapping a domain to wordpress.Com

Enjoy reading and developing your website! If you are still confused about making a website, you can stop by to buy a domain and host at a low price at idwebhost .

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