Use a Social Media Management Tool

Having good engagement also means that your content will be favor by instagram’s algorithm. So ig will show your posts to more people more often and that’s always a win. Here’s how to check your engagement rate on instagram for free. Beautiful reports. Clear data. Actionable insights to help you grow faster. Free instagram engagement rate calculator. Try hootsuite’s free interactive engagement calculator for instagram now. To use hootsuite’s engagement rate calculator for instagram. Just type in each value request. If you’re calculating your total engagement rate. Use your account’s total number of posts. Likes. Comments. Etc. If you’re just calculating your engagement rate for a specific marketing campaign.

Check in on Your Progress Regularly

Use only the information from the posts that are includ in that campaign. And if you’re calculating your engagement rate for a single post. Use only the details of that one post. The instagram engagement calculator above is simple. So it’s an easy method to get a quick.and.dirty snapshot of your instagram success.

But hootsuite has more complex calculators incorporate business email list right into the social management dashboard. It’s a more robust tool for getting a more thorough look at your engagement and not just on instagram. Hootsuite analytics dashboard including engagement stats for facebook. Twitter. Instagram. And linkin for a taste of more advanc calculators.

Extract Insights from Your Data

Check out our free spreadsheet calculator that can determine engagement rate by reach. Impressions. And more. What is an instagram engagement rate calculator. An instagram engagement rate calculator calculates your instagram engagement rate .duh. By using metrics like follower count. Likes and comments. Your engagement rate is different from simple stats for example. How many likes a post got.

Because it also takes into account how many Data Base USA followers you have. The hootsuite instagram engagement rate calculator includ in this article determines post engagement rate. Meaning that it’s best us for specific ig posts as oppos to your account’s total engagement rate. Here’s a hypothetical. If instagram account a has likes on a post and instagram account b has likes on a post.

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